A battery charger (100) suitable for sub-miniaturization and connection to a wall transformer power supply (20) to charge a battery (30). The battery charger (100) features a switch (130) that controls flow of current from the transformer (20) either to output terminals for charging the battery (30) or to ground, a voltage regulator (120), a microprocessor (110), a current sensing resistor (150) and a Schottky diode (140). The microprocessor (110) is coupled to the switch (130) to control whether the switch is open or closed. The secondary leakage inductance of the wall transformer (20) is exploited to control charging of the battery. The microprocessor (110) is programmed to initiate a charging mode comprising oscillation between a conduction interval and a flyback interval. A charging pulse is delivered to the battery (30) during the flyback interval.

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