This page performs patent search in the US Patent and Trademark Office database. The query is one or more fields, connected with Boolean Not, And and Or operators. Every field consists of the field code, slash, and field value. If the field value consists of more than one word, it should be enclosed in double quotes. Parenthesis can be used to change the "order of operations" for the operators' precedence.

Enter query:

Examples of queries:

  • Search by patent title:  
    ttl/"Movable defensive apparatus"
  • Patents from Sun Microsystems and Microsoft:  
    an/"Sun Microsystems" or an/Microsoft
  • Data processing patents - all (see classification):  
  • Query processing (subclass 3 of class 707):  
  • Data processing patents from Sun:  
    an/"Sun Microsystems" and ccl/707/$
  • Patents containing "vaccine" in claims:
  • Patents containing "algorithm" in abstract:

   U.S. Patent Classification:

You can select patents using these field codes:

  • Abstract (abst)
  • Application Type (apt)
  • Assignee City (ac)
  • Assignee Country (acn)
  • Assignee Name (an)
  • Assistant Examiner (exa)
  • Attorney or Agent (lrep)
  • Claims (aclm)
  • Description/Specification (spec)
  • Foreign Priority (prir)
  • Foreign References (fref)
  • Government Interest (govt)
  • International Classification (icl)
  • Inventor City (ic)
  • Inventor Country (icn)
  • Inventor Name (in)
  • Other References (oref)
  • Patent Type (apt)
  • Primary Examiner (exp)
  • Title (ttl)
  • Issued US Classification (ccl)
  • US References (ref)


Application Type (APT) is a number which can have following values: 1 = Utility, 2 = Reissue, 4 = Design, 5 = Defensive Publication, 6 = Plant, 7 = Statutory Invention Registration.

Assignee Name(AN), Inventor Name(IN), Primary Examiner(EXP) are in the form LastName-FirtsName-Initial (with dashes). Example: an/Castro-Mary-N. Attorney or Agent (LREP) name is in "LastName FirtsName Initial" format (no dashes). Exmaple: lrep/"Castro Mary N".

In International Classification (ICL), 0 substitutes a space. That is, in order to query patents of  G06F 19/00, you must specify G06F019/00.

There must be no leading zeros in the subclass number. For example, for subclass 001 of class 705, you must specify ccl/705/1, not ccl/705/001.

You can find an extensive description of search fields and formatting at the online US Patent and Trademark Office page here.