An apparatus to increase identification of cancer mass in subcutaneous tissue, by palpation by self examination, to accommodate disability, to increase therapy of medical and physical recovery and treatment, and method of using devices or compounds which reduce onset of symptoms of median nerve entrapment or carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive stress syndrome, reduce tactile deficit of fingers, and as well as many other applications. This includes improving the efficiency of the movement of the fingers, reducing the inflammation in the carpal canal, reducing the tendon excursion in the carpal canal, reducing finger flexion, reducing loss of nerve sensation, reducing loss of tactile sensation, increasing tactile sensitivity of the fingers, increasing movement of the dorsal interossei muscles of the hand, increasing movement of the volar interossei palmar muscles of the hand, and increasing movement of the lumbrical muscles of fingers.


< Method and system for providing dietary information

< Methods of treating an inflammatory-related disease

> Alpha(trifluoromethyl-substituted aryloxy, arylamino, arylthio or arylmethyl)-trifluoromethyl-substituted phenylacetic acids and derivatives as antidiabetic agents

> Compounds active in spinigosine 1-phosphate signaling

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