The present invention provides a recording node (100) at a consummer site that is used for the receiving, storing, determining and/or sending of utility commodity information. The recording node (100) is an integral part of networks (370) or can access networks (370) for the receiving and transmitting of information. The recording node (100) is part of a network process control system (300) that includes other nodes, such as a controller (200), computer (320), monitor (330), display (340) and communication node (360). The recording node (100) receives data on utility commodity flow rates, commodity pressure and environmental factors; stores the data; performs determinations on the data; and sends utility commodity information over the network (370) to consumers (380) and/or third parties (381). The utility commodity may be water, electricity and/or gas. The information the consumers (380) and third parties (381) receive over the network (370) from the recording node (100) and other nodes assists them in their management of process systems.


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