An integrated DSS/WebTV receiver is communicatively connected to an Internet service provider, a DSS service provider, and (optionally) a local broadcast station to provide a display of DSS programs, Internet web sites, and local broadcast channels in a seamless fashion. The DSS/WebTV receiver downloads graphic images, corresponding to DSS programs, from a DSS communication medium or the Internet into a local memory. The graphic images are periodically updated by the DSS service provider or Internet service provider. The DSS/WebTV receiver generates a graphical user interface (GUI), displayed on a television screen, for facilitating a user's navigation through the DSS, Internet, and local broadcast data. The GUI includes a selectable DSS program listing that displays DSS programs that are curl being broadcast or that will be broadcasted in the future. If a user selects a currently broadcasted program, the DSS/WebTV receiver displays the selected program on the television. If the user selects a program that is broadcasted in the future, the DSS/WebTV receiver displays a downloaded graphic image, corresponding to the selected program, on the television. The graphic image may be the selected program's name or logo, still shots from the selected program, short video clips related to the selected program, or advertisements related to the selected program.


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