The invention provides a catheter for insertion into a biological passage which contains a first flowing fluid, the catheter including a tubular member having a proximal end and a distal end; a fluid delivery lumen contained within the tubular member; an inflatable balloon assembly disposed at the distal end of the tubular member, the balloon assembly including an inflatable balloon member having an uninflated state and an inflated state, the balloon assembly including apertures in communication with the fluid delivery lumen; an inflation lumen in communication with the balloon member; and a valve contained within the inflatable balloon assembly. The inflatable balloon is assembly configured such that when the balloon member is in the inflated state: (i) sections of the balloon member contact the biological passage defining at least one containment pocket; (ii) the apertures are disposed in the containment pocket, (iii) a flow lumen is defined through the balloon member to allow the first fluid to flow through the balloon member; and (iv) the valve functions to allow the first flowing fluid to flow through the flow lumen in a physiologic direction, while blocking backflow of the first fluid through the flow lumen.


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