The present invention provides a system and method for selectively removing one or more organic and inorganic and also preferably one or more inorganic contaminants from plating baths. More particularly, the invented method relates to the use of a source of energy in combination with chemical oxidants, alone or in conjunction with a catalyst to oxidize organic contaminants in the plating bath to a level such that the electroplating bath can be recovered and reused after appropriate chemical adjustment. The oxidative treatment method may be a continuous process or a batch process that is performed in a single pass. Residual organics, if desired and chloride ions in the bath are removed from the solution by a chemisorption or physisorption treatment. Inorganic contaminants are removed from the electroplating bath by selective ion exchange resins or electrodialysis, while particulate and suspended colloidal particles are removed by filtration before the treated plating bath is recycled.


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