The fuel cell with excellent power generation performance and high reliability and a manufacturing method of a fuel cell electrode by which the flooding phenomenon is hard to be caused at a contact portion with a separator because of small contact resistance with the separator. According to the manufacturing method of the fuel cell electrode, a first application process for applying an electrically conductive water repellent material including electrically conductive particles and water repellent particles on one side of a gas diffusion substrate having the gas permeability, a first sintering process for sintering the applied electrically conductive water repellent material, and a catalyst support process for supporting a catalyst on the other side of the gas diffusion substrate are provided. The fuel cell manufacture in the foregoing manner is provided with a joint body of an electrolyte, an oxidant electrode, and a fuel electrode in which the electrolyte is sandwiched by the oxidant electrode and the fuel electrode. At least the oxidant electrode out of the oxidant electrode and the fuel electrode is the fuel cell electrode.


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