A locating device, particularly for locating trapped victims under avalanches, under debris or under collapsed buildings, equipped with a receiving unit (6-13) for signals from transmitters and preferably a transmitter (13, 14), as well as optical (6) and/or acoustic (12) display units, whereby the receiving unit is connected to three preferably orthogonally arranged ferrite rod antennas (2, 3, 4). All antennas (2, 3, 4) are disposed in a compact housing (1) together with the receiving unit (6-13) and preferably also the transmitter (13, 14) to ensure accurate locating of the trapped victim across the largest range possible at compact design whereby one antenna (4) is of substantially shorter length than the two other antennas (2, 3). The receiving unit is provided with a DSP module (11) for incoming signals of the antennas (2, 3, 4).

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