In a press brake relatively moving an upper table (5U) or a lower table (5L) upward and downward by a plurality of hydraulic cylinders (17L and 17R) so as to perform a bending work, the respective hydraulic cylinders (17L, 17R) are driven by individually controlling a pair of left and right two-way. fluid pumps and hydraulic devices (21L, 21R) provided in correspondence to the respective hydraulic cylinders (17L, 17R) The two-way fluid pumps and the respective hydraulic devices (21L, 21R) are mounted to a base plate (23) mounted to cylinder heads (18L, 18R) of the respective hydraulic cylinders (17L, 17R), and an oil tank (27) is provided in an upper side of the hydraulic devices (21L, 21R).


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< Sheet metal bending brake

> Hand tool having a retractable handle structure

> Screwdriver with dual cam slot for collated screws

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