A package for a tip, such as a replaceable tip for a bipolar electrosurgical device, is used for insertion of the tip onto and removal of the tip from the end of a device handle, without requiring any direct contact between the user's hand and the tip. The package includes a housing having a tip cavity shaped to receive the tip and an opening through which the end of the handle is insertable for removable attachment to the tip. A releasable locking mechanism, which is releasable in response to the end of the handle being disposed in the opening for removable attachment to the tip, retains the tip in the tip cavity. The package may be made from a single piece of molded material, such as a clear plastic. The package may also be used with monopolar, diathermized and non-bipolar tips, as well as other sharp tips such as cannulae, pics and blades, that are attachable to the end of a handle.

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