An expansion joint cover (10) comprises a first plate (18) hingedly attached to a first surface (14) of an expansion joint (12), a second plate (20) hingedly attached to the first plate (18), and a housing (26) fixedly secured to a second surface (16) of the expansion joint (12). During installation, a front plate (52) of the housing (26) can rotate about a hinge (58) to allow the second plate (20) to be installed within the housing (26). In use, the second plate (20) slides within the housing (26) to accommodate variations in separation distance and vertical offset between the two surfaces (14,16). Two hinges (36,44) accommodate variations in torsion between the two surfaces (14,16). The combination of the second plate (20) sliding within the housing (26) and the two hinges (36,44) accommodates variations in lateral offset between the two surfaces (14,16).


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