A system and method for automatically creating information useable to access functionality of a backend computer system coupled to an application server. The method may operate to connect to the backend computer system and obtain information specifying functionality of the backend system. The information obtained may be analyzed programmatically, and new information may be programmatically created based on the analysis, wherein the programmatically created information is useable for accessing the functionality of the backend system. For example, where the functionality comprises a programmatically callable function, the information created may include information specifying the function name, names of input and output parameters, data types of the parameters, etc. The programmatically created information may be stored in a repository for use in accessing the functionality of the backend computer system from the application server. For example, the information may be retrieved from the repository and used to programmatically construct appropriate data structures and/or execute appropriate code for interfacing with the backend system to access the desired functionality.

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