Integrated circuits (ICs) are provided. A representative IC includes a first pad electrically communicating with at least a portion of the IC. The first pad includes a first driver and a first receiver, with the first driver being configured to provide a first pad output signal to a component external to the IC, and the first receiver being configured to receive a first pad input signal from a component external to the IC. The first receiver also is configured to provide, to a component internal to the IC, a first receiver digital output signal in response to the first pad input signal. A first test circuit also is provided that is internal to the IC. The first test circuit is adapted to provide information corresponding to the driver tristate leakage current of the first pad. Methods, computer-readable media, systems and other ICs also are provided.


< Controller for multiple instruction thread processors

< Data type mapping for external callouts

> Imaging integrated circuits with focused ion beam

> Methodology for placement based on circuit function and latchup sensitivity

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