A speaker mounting structure is provided in which a speaker frame (11) is fixed to a mounting panel (P) by engaging latching hooks (24L, 24R) and a latching clip (26) provided on the speaker frame (11) with mounting holes (22, 23L, 23R) formed in the inner panel (P) of an automobile door. The latching hooks (24L, 24R) and the latching clip (26) are disposed inside the outer peripheral edges of annular seal members (16, 17) that are bonded to a mounting surface (11a) of the speaker frame (11) and are in intimate contact with the inner panel (P). As a result, even when water infiltrates to the speaker (C) side from an opening (21) or the mounting holes (22, 23L, 23R) of the inner panel (P), the seal members (16, 17) can block the water and prevent it from flowing to the passenger compartment side. It is thereby possible to reliably avoid ingress of water.

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