Light-emitting devices and light-emitting displays for realizing bright display by allowing light emitted from an emissive layer to efficiently contribute to a display. Polarization separators are arranged between the emissive layer and a phase plate. In the light of a wavelength range which includes a part or all of a light-emission wavelength range of the emissive layer and is narrower than a visible wavelength range and is directed from the emissive layer side to the polarization separators side, the polarization separators reflect circularly polarized light components which are converted into linearly polarized light that is absorbed by the polarizer due to the operation of the phase plate and transmit the other light.


< Backlight module with side fixing frames and assembly methods thereof

< Multidirectional socket assembly for connection with electronic elements extending in different directions

> Illumination device for vehicle compartment

> Image replication system having focusing means to receive reflected light through lightguide from spatial light modulator

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