Techniques for generation of Java macro instructions suitable for use in Java computing environments are disclosed. As such, the techniques can be implemented in a Java virtual machine to efficiently execute Java instructions. As will be appreciated, a Java macro instruction can be substituted for two or more Java Bytecode instructions. This, in turn, reduces the number of Java instructions that are executed by the interpreter. As a result, the performance of virtual machines, especially those operating with limited resources, is improved. A Java macro instruction can be generated for conventional Java instruction sequences or sequences of Java instruction that are provided in a reduced set of instruction. In any case, sequences that are frequently encountered can be replaced by a Java macro instruction. These sequences are typically encountered when Java objects are instantiated, during programming loops, and when a local variables are assigned a value.


< Method, system, and product for a java-based desktop to provide window manager services on UNIX

< System and method for automatically generating a script for testing software

> Compiler for enabling multiple signed independent data elements per register


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