A process for the conversion of natural gas to higher hydrocarbons in a system comprising (1) a synthesis gas production unit and (2) a Fischer-Tropsch synthesis unit comprising at least one high shear mixing zone and a reactor vessel wherein the units are located abroad a floatable structure. The process comprises the steps of: (a) converting the natural gas to synthesis gas in the synthesis gas production unit; and (b) converting the synthesis gas to higher hydrocarbons, at an elevated temperature and pressure, in the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis unit by (i) passing synthesis gas and a suspension comprising a particulate Fischer-Tropsch catalyst suspended in a liquid medium through the high shear mixing zone(s) wherein the synthesis gas is broken down into gas bubbles and/or irregularly shaped gas voids which are dispersed in the suspension, and (ii) discharging suspension containing the dispersed gas bubbles and/or irregularly shaped gas voids from the high shear mixing zone(s) into the reactor vessel.

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