A system for expanding generalizing aspects of an autoharp and making these functionalities beneficially available on other instruments. Strumpads comprising arrays of isolated touch switches, each generating distinct signals, are used to generate MIDI note events according to interpretations of an active mapping selected from a plurality of programmable mappings. The active mapping may be selected via chord buttons or foot switches, or may be determined by keys on a melodic keyboard. Mappings in some embodiments may provide repeated notes, non-note signals, and utilize one or more MIDI channels for controlling synthesizers, lighting, electronic percussion, and the like. The strumped may further include orienting tactile markings and provide pressure and velocity sensing. The system may be attached to or integrated within another instrument such as a guitar, keyboard, autoharp, pedal steel guitar, sitar, koto, mbria, and pipa, among others. For guitar applications, a strumped may be attached to or integrated into a guitar pickguard.

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