A method and system for time-shortening one or more songs to generate time-shortened versions of the one or more songs are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a song editor time-shortens one or more songs and provides the time-shortened versions to a music provider. The music provider can then distribute one or more of the time-shortened songs to one or more listeners. Alternatively, in another embodiment, a song editor enables a music provider to time-shorten one or more songs. The song editor can enable the music provider by providing the music provider a procedure to time-shorten a song, where the song is provided by the song editor or is obtained separately by the music provider. The music provider can then apply the supplied procedure to the song to generate a time-shortened vision. Alternatively, the song editor can enable the music provider by providing one or more characteristics of a song selected for time-shortening. These characteristics can be provided to the music provider as identifiers embedded in the data representative of the song or as identifiers provided separately, such as in a table. The music provider can then use the supplied characteristics to time-shorten the song according to a procedure available to the music provider. Various embodiments of the present invention can be performed manually or by using an automated process, such as a software application executed by a computer.

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