An exemplary method for substantially non-chemically-reactive separation of nanomorphic carbon species (140) comprises inter alia the steps of suspending a nanomorphic carbon sample (100) in an aqueous surfactant suspension (110), adding nanoparticles to the sample suspension (115), sonicating the sample (120), centrifugating the sample suspension (125) and decanting off the resulting supernatant (130). Disclosed features and specifications may be variously controlled, adapted or otherwise optionally modified to improve carbon nanospecies purification. An exemplary embodiment of the present invention representatively provides for non-oxidative cleaning of carbon nanotubes via at least partial removal of amorphous carbon contaminants.


< Silicon carbide-based porous material and process for production thereof

< Method for continuous producing hydroxylammonium salts

> Calcium chloride purification

> Production of ultra pure salt

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