The present invention generally relates to compounds and compositions useful for the modulation of ligase activity. The invention further relates to Compounds of the Invention, compositions thereof, and methods for treating or preventing cancer, a neoplastic disorder, acute or chronic renal failure, an inflammatory disorder, an immune disorder, a cardiovascular disease, an effect of aging or an infectious disease comprising administering an effective amount of a Compound of the Invention. The invention further relates to the use of a Compound of the Invention as a preservative of a cell, blood, tissue or an organ or as an agent to modulate stem cells.


< Pyrophosphorolysis and incorporation of nucleotide method for nucleic acid detection

< Alkyl-[4-(trifluorophenyl)-oxazol-5-yl]-triazolo-pyridines

> Alpha-and Beta-amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfamic acid derivatives useful as retroviral protease inhibitors

> Method for sequential support-bound synthesis of conjugated oligomeric compounds

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