An information search/presentation system includes a 3D image converter, landmark database, search engine, and 3D image browser. The 3D image converter outputs 3D image data on the basis of aerial photographs obtained by photographing a single area from different places, with the physical position of the area being specified. The landmark database stores a pair of a verbal expression and position information as a unit record the verbal expression pertaining to the name and contents of a landmark existing in the photographed area. The search engine outputs link information for page data including associated contents from a set of page data on public view in response to an input keyword. The 3D image browser creates a 3D stereoscopic image viewed from a viewpoint position designated by a user on the basis of the 3D image data and the viewpoint position, and presents the image to the user. The browser also looks up the database in accordance with an associated information presentation request associated with the position designated by the user. If a landmark corresponding to the designated position exists, the browser outputs to the search engine a verbal expression pertaining to the name and contents of the corresponding landmark as a keyword to present a search result.


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