A pair of shoes for maintaining the elevation of a mountain for a wearer even while walking on a plane (street) is provided. The shoes of the current application have a front sole that is much higher than the heel thereof. The front sole is developed in a distorted trapezoidal form. The upper side of the front sole, the longest side of the sole, is adhered to an upper, which carries the wearer's foot, from the waist of the shoe to the toe portion thereof. One of the sides of the front sole that faces the heel direction of the shoe is in a convex arcuate shape. The front sole has cushioning means, such as air pockets, deep grooves, and springs for compression thereof while walking. Insole of the shoe of the current application is made of silicon rubber containing powders of bio-ceramics, loess and charcoal. Pluralities of protrusions are developed on the foot-contacting surface of the insole. Inclined insole enabling the same effect with a plane shoes is also provided.

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