A simple, non-invasive method and apparatus for treating oropharyngeal disorders provides electrical stimulation to the oropharyngeal region of a patient. The apparatus includes an electrical neuromuscular stimulator that includes a pulse generator for generating a series of electrical pulses and a processor coupled to the pulse generator for controlling its operation. The apparatus also includes a first electrode and a second electrode, each of which includes a snap eyelet having a connector to which a lead wire may be attached, a conductive film and an adhesive and conductive gel layer that is adapted to be attached to the skin of the patient. The apparatus also includes at least one lead wire for attachment of the electrodes to the pulse generator and at least one adhesively backed tape overlay for securing the first and second electrodes to the skin of the patient. According to the method, the electrodes are placed on the skin of the patient's throat, and the electrodes are secured to the skin of the patient's throat by applying at least one adhesively backed tape overlay to the patient's skin over at least a portion of each of the electrodes. The lead wires are attached to the connectors of the snap eyelets of the electrodes and to the output jack of the pulse generator, and a series of electrical pulses is generated using the pulse generator so as to apply the series of electrical pulses to the patient's throat using the electrodes.

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