The present invention provides novel packaging articles, e.g., food and beverage cans. Preferred cans typically comprise a body portion and an end portion, wherein at least one of the body and end portions are aluminum and are coated on at least one major surface with a coating composition of the present invention. Suitable coating compositions of the present invention comprise: one or more polyester resins, wherein at least one of the polyester resins has a glass transition temperature ("T.sub.g") less than about C., and wherein the polyester resin is formed by the reaction of one or more polyacid molecules and one or more polyol molecules; and a crosslinker, Preferred compositions are substantially free of mobile BPA and aromatic glycidyl ether compounds, e.g., BADGE, BFDGE and epoxy novalacs (e.g., NOGE) and more preferred compositions are also substantially free of bound BPA and aromatic glycidyl ether compounds. In more preferred embodiments (e.g., alcoholic beverage cans), the polyol molecules used to make the polyester resin are substantially free of NPG. The present invention also provides a method of making such cans.


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