The invention is generally directed to a slider that is particularly suited for dynamic load/unload disk drive designs. This slider desirably addresses potential disk damage associated with contact between sharp edges of the slider of the disk drive and the data storage surface of a corresponding disk. Any appropriate type/configuration of a disk drive may benefit from performing read/write operations utilizing the slider of the present invention. Generally, this slider includes at least one air bearing surface which enables the slider to "fly" above the read/write surface of the disk, and at least one self-blending contact pad disposed on the lower surface of the slider to reduce the potential for contact between any portion of the slider other than the self-blending contact pad(s) and the corresponding read/write surface of the disk.


< Low moment-high moment write pole with non-magnetic layer for establishing a magnetic path discontinuity between layers of the write pole

< Magnetic head slider, support therefor and magnetic disk unit

> Balanced and damped suspension for use in a disk drive

> Positioner for precisely moving an E-block of a disk drive

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