An inductive-type write head and its method of fabrication are disclosed. The write head has a vertically separated two-element planar coil of reduced resistance which is the result of forming the lower of the two coils with windings of a greater height and substantially larger cross-sectional area than those of the upper coil. The formation of a lower coil with greater height is possible because of a surface planarization that allows separating the coils by an alumina layer of minimal thickness. This method allows the reduction of coil resistance without the necessity of enlarging the head dimensions. The reduced resistance results in lower power consumption and the elimination of pole tip protrusion caused by excessive heating during operation.


< Micromover configured to move a magnetic storage medium in perpendicular directions in a plane

< Electric power supply device of a tape-end detecting sensor for a tape recorder

> Magnetic head for perpendicular recording including a main pole having a pole tip with three tapered sides

> Low moment-high moment write pole with non-magnetic layer for establishing a magnetic path discontinuity between layers of the write pole

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