A fire resistant resilient insulation assembly, includes: a resilient insulation and a fire resistant polymeric film forming a tubular envelope surrounding the resilient insulation. The fire resistant polymeric film includes: 50 to 80 weight percent high density polymeric material; 5 to 45 weight percent linear low density polymeric material; 5 to 25 weight percent fire retardant concentrate (a halogen and a synergist in a polymeric carrier); 0 to 5 weight percent UV stabilizer; and 0 to 10 weight percent pigment. Preferably, the film is a two layer coextruded film with the outer layer being a predominately linear low density polymer that provides a good finish for printing and a relatively high coefficient of friction to improve the handling of the film during the encapsulation of the blanket. The inner layer is predominately high density polymer that provides the coextruded film with the impact strength and tear resistance required for processing and handling.

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