A process for preparing a fiberglass insulation product, including the steps of: (a) providing a layer of kraft paper, (b) coating the kraft paper layer with from 2 to 10 pounds of HDPE or of polypropylene per 3000 square feet of the paper to form an HDPE-kraft laminate or a polypropylene-kraft laminate, (c) coating the HDPE-kraft or polypropylene-kraft laminate with from 3 to 10 pounds of LDPE per 3000 square feet of the HDPE-kraft laminate or polypropylene-kraft laminate to form an LDPE-HDPE-kraft laminate or an LDPE-polypropylene-kraft laminate, (d) adjusting the temperature of the LDPE-HDPE-kraft laminate or the LDPE-polypropylene-kraft laminate so that the LDPE becomes tacky while the HDPE or polypropylene remains solid, (e) providing a layer of fiberglass wool, and (f) contacting the LDPE layer of the LDPE-HDPE-kraft laminate or of the LDPE-polypropylene-kraft laminate with the fiberglass wool layer with pressure and cooling to bond the LDPE-HDPE-kraft laminate or LDPE-polypropylene-kraft laminate to the fiberglass wool layer to form a fiberglass insulation product.

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