Agents for promoting bone deposition and growth in a mammalian subject. The agents are O-glycosylated and non-glycosylated peptides that are derived from vitamin D binding protein, collectively referred to hereinafter as "DBP" peptides. The DBP peptides are from 3 to 18, preferably from 4 to 14 amino acids in length and comprise a sequence which is at least 80% identical, preferably at least 90% identical to the amino acid sequence of a fragment contained within domain III of DBP. Methods for promoting bone deposition in a subject in need of the same are also provided. The methods comprise administering to the subject a therapeutically effective quantity of an agent selected from the group consisting of an activated form of vitamin D binding protein referred to hereinafter as "ADBP", one or more DBP peptides, and combinations thereof. The agents may be administered locally or systemically.


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