An improved antenna arrangement is distinguished by the following features: at least two antenna element systems are provided and each has at least one antenna element, which are arranged offset with respect to one another, at least in the horizontal direction, the at least two antenna element systems transmit and receive at least in one common polarization plane, a network is provided, via which the at least two antenna element systems can be supplied with a signal (Ain1, Ain2) with an intensity or amplitude which can be set differently or which can be adjusted relative to one another and preferably with a different phase angle.


< Signal measurement apparatus and method

< Process parameter event monitoring system and method for process

> System and method for providing a reference video signal

> Semiconductor wafer bearing alignment mark for use in aligning the wafer with exposure equipment, alignment system for producing alignment signals from the alignment mark, and method of determining the aligned state of a wafer from the alignment mark

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