A first block (1) converts a DC voltage (Vi) into an AC voltage (V) of a high frequency, using a high-frequency oscillator circuit (4) and a step-up transformer (5). The first block (1) acts as a low-impedance power supply owing to suppression of leakage flux in the step-up transformer (5). A second block (2) and a third block (3) are connected to each CCFL (20). A ballast inductor (LB) causes the CCFL (20) to shine through the resonance with a matching capacitor (CM), and then maintains the stable lamp current during shining of the CCFL (20). The capacitance of the matching capacitor (CM) is separately adjusted for each CCFL (20), and thereby, the total impedance of the matching capacitor (CM) and the surrounding stray capacitances is matched to the impedance of the series connection of the ballast inductor (LB) and an overcurrent protection capacitor (CP).

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