The method of manufacturing an optical lens in accordance with the present invention includes a drawing optical lens preform preparing step of preparing a drawing optical lens preform comprising a first curved face part, formed aspheric in one side face thereof, functioning as an optically active part, and a second curved face part, formed in a side face opposite from the first curved face part, having a curvature smaller than that of the first curved face part; a drawing step of drawing the drawing optical lens preform to a desirable outer diameter; and an optical lens preparing step of preparing an optical lens 1 by slicing the drawn drawing optical lens preform. Since the second curved face part is formed, distortions can be restrained from occurring due to the drawing in this manufacturing method.


< Downsize, high performance, and wide range magnification zoom lens and camera apparatus

< Lens barrel and imaging device

> Image pick-up lens

> Objective lens for optical pick-up

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