It is aimed to provide a laminated polarizing film having an antistatic function, where static electricity occurs less even if the protective film is peeled off to bond the laminated polarizing film to a liquid crystal cell, and where defects such as bright spots are not caused in display. The aim is achieved by a laminated polarizing film, wherein a reflective polarizing film and an absorptive polarizing film are laminated, and an antistatic layer is further laminated at least either on the outside of the reflective polarizing film or between the reflective polarizing film and the absorptive polarizing film.


< Process for producing acetylene compound

< Metal-graphite brush and motor including a metal-graphite brush

> Medium for the production of betacarotene and other carotenoids from dunaliella salina (ARL 5) and a strain of dunaliella salina for production of carotenes using the novel media

> Proteins, their production and use

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