The present invention relates to a production method of (R)-3-hydroxy-3-(2-phenylethyl)hexanoic acid which comprises optical resolution of racemic 3-hydroxy-3-(2-phenylethyl)hexanoic acid with an optically active amine of the formula (VIII) ##STR1##

wherein R2 is 3,4-dimethoxyphenyl or 2-chlorophenyl. According to the present invention, (R)-3-hydroxy-3-(2-phenylethyl)hexanoic acid useful as a starting material of a pharmaceutical agent can be efficiently produced with a high optical purity and a relatively high total yield.


< Sensor platform, apparatus incorporating the platform and process using the platform

< Installation of processing units into a stored program controlled system wherein the component processing units are interconnected via free space optics

> Highly sensitive imaging camera for space applications including detection of ultrahigh energy cosmic rays

> Flip-chip image sensor packages

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