A valve device, particularly for a breathing regulator for divers, including an inlet chamber which can be connected to a source of gas under super-atmospheric pressure, and an outlet chamber which is under a regulated pressure. A seating, which is movable under the influence of the super-atmospheric pressure and the regulated pressure, seals between the inlet chamber and the outlet chamber and has a through-passing passageway that interconnects the chambers. Also included is a valve body which is movably arranged in the seating such as to open and close the through-passing passageway in the seating. A servo element exerts on the valve body a force that depends on the position of the movable seating, so that varying force-influence on the valve body from the super-atmospheric pressure will be compensated for by a corresponding varying force from the servo element. This results in an essentially constant valve characteristic, while providing a mechanically simple solution at the same time.

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