Disclosed is a new variety of four-leaf clover named "Lucky Together", and a method of breeding the same in large quantities. The method of breeding the new variety of four-leaf clover of the present invention comprises the steps of: (a) sterilizing a clover, (b) treating the clover with chemical agent in order to induce mutation and cell division of the clover, (c) roots-inducing of the mutated clover, (d) asexual propagation of the variety of clover, (e) comparing the features of the variety with those of wild-type clover, and (f) identifying a uniformity of the features of the variety. The four-leaf clover according to the present invention has strong nature, strong cold resistance and excellent disease resistance. Furthermore, the clover according to the present invention grows rapidly and well under intensive light, and can compete successfully with weeds. Therefore, the clover can be used not only for feed but also for improving the quality of soil. Thus, the variety of clover has higher commercial and ornamental values.

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