The cement admixture of the present invention can improve the workability by displaying sufficient viscosity decreasing ability and initial dispersing ability even under a low temperature environment as well as high dispersing ability and dispersion retaining ability even in a high water reducing ratio range. The above-mentioned cement admixture comprises four components of a copolymer (A) containing a constituent unit (I) derived from the unsaturated (poly)alkylene glycol ether monomer (a) and a constituent unit (II) derived from a maleic acid monomer (b), a specific unsaturated (poly)alkylene glycol ether monomer (a), a non-polymerizable (poly)alkylene glycol (B) having no alkenyl group, and a polymer (C) having an oxyalkylene group or a polyoxyalkylene group and a carboxyl group, which is different from the copolymer (A).


> Admixture, extrudable hydraulic composition and method for the selection of admixture

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