A data acquisition and retrieval system (11) for fishing. Input means (37) are provided for inputting: (i) geographical positioning data indicating the geographical position of a point for fishing in substantially real-time relative to a region: (ii) weather data indicating the prevailing weather conditions applying to the geographical position of the point in the region; (iii) fish data characterising the fish located at or obtained at the point; (iv) time data specifying the date, time or season corresponding to the real-time at the point; and (v) water condition data of the prevailing environment at the point. A database (60) is provided for storing the data input by the input means (35) relative to the geographical position of the point and linking the data to any previous data stored for the particular geographical position of the point. A graphical user interface accesses the linked data of the database and outputs it in an appropriate medium, usually a display that presents an image pane (141), for interpreting by a user of the system. The system is particularly suited to lobster or prawn fishing in the ocean and can be used to predict where to fish. A method for fishing based on the system is also described.

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