In a laser light generating device, the stability against vibration and time-dependent changes will be improved, and influences of temperature changes exerted on the resonator will be reduced. In a laser light generating device (1) which includes an excitation light source (2) for generating a continuous-wave excitation light and a solid-state laser resonator (4) based on using thermal lens effect caused by heat generation at a position of excitation, the solid-state laser resonator further includes a laser medium (4a) a saturable absorber (4b) an intermediate medium (4c) and reflection means (4d) as the constituents. Influence of vibration is reduced by bonding a substrate of the laser medium (4a) and a substrate of the saturable absorber (4b) so as to integrate them. By adopting a configuration which does not need any method of selecting operating point based on temperature changes and is less susceptible to heat, and by relatively moving the excitation optical system and the resonator in the positional relation of the both to thereby adjust the light path length of the resonator, so as to make it possible to select a stable operating point.


> Optically pumped stepped multi-well laser

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