A method for preparing a carbon fiber fabric impregnated with a thermoplastic plastic including providing a fabric which substantially consists of carbon fibers with a coating of an epoxy material without curing agent; bringing the fabric to a temperature in the range of 330.degree. C. to 430.degree. C.; and holding the fabric at the temperature for 120 to 240 minutes such that the carbon fibers remain unaffected and the epoxy material is aged or neutralized and loses its tacky character. Alternatively, the heat treatment may be carried out by bringing the fabric to a temperature of 450.+-.70.degree. C. for 15.+-.5 minutes and subsequently to a temperature of 220.+-.30.degree. C. for 240.+-.60 minutes. Fabrics prepared as described may be used in preparing laminates, which include a plurality of layers consisting alternately of the above-described fabric and a layer of thermoplastic plastic.

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