A wound dressing system includes a fluid permeable support member for positioning within a wound and adapted to generally conform to a topography of a wound, a plurality of beads supported by the support member, an outer member for positioning over the wound to substantially enclose the beads and a conduit for supplying reduced pressure to the wound. The support member is adapted to permit exudates from the wound to pass therethrough. The beads are characterized by having sufficient rigidity to substantially maintain respective shapes thereof to thereby facilitate passage of the exudates through spaces or passages defined between adjacent beads. The beads may comprise glass, an acrylic or a polymeric material. The support member may comprise a polymeric or fabric material. The support member may be an enclosure member or pouch which houses the beads. Multiple pouches are also envisioned.

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> Antimicrobial absorbent article, and methods of making and using the same

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