A modular power distribution unit (PDU) for supplying electric power to attached equipment in environments such as data centers, computer rooms, and communication centers, where power requirements for attached equipment may vary. The power distribution unit includes a frame and one or more user-replaceable power modules, which fit into slots in the frame. Each power module provides one of more plug receptacles for attaching equipment to provide power thereto. The power modules are available in a variety of receptacle types, receptacle numbers, and power rating configurations to accommodate various equipment in a particular environment, as needed. The frame includes an internal connector panel for distributing power from a power source to the power modules when they are inserted in the frame. The power modules may be removed, installed, and interchanged in the frame without interrupting power to other power modules or to the power distribution unit. In an alternative embodiment, the power distribution unit includes a control unit for receiving remote control signals to provide power sequencing or individual control of the power modules. In still another alternative embodiment, electronic entertainment products such as VCRs and DVDs may be adapted use in countries having different electrical source voltages, frequencies and plug types. The product includes a slot for accepting a power module adapted for receiving and converting power from a country's domestic electric power system for use in powering the product. The power module includes a receptacle for the country of use.

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