The present invention encompasses methods and compositions useful in diagnosing and treating hepatic disorders, especially those characterized by inflammation. The method comprises administration of an agent which prevents the interaction of MAdCAM with a MAdCAM binding partner or ligand. These compositions are useful in treating diseases or disorders involving .alpha.4.beta.7/MAdCAM blockade, as well as inhibiting a primary event in the inflammatory response such as blocking interactions between intercellular adhesion molecules and their ligands. Disorders treatable using the methods disclosed herein include infections, especially viral infections, iatrogenic disorders, cholestatic disorders, hereditary disorders, sarcoidosis, organ transplant, and the like. The diagnostic methods of the invention can be employed to detect the presence of a disorder or to monitor the course of therapy used to treat the disorder.


< Method of altering the binding specificity of plasma proteins by oxidation-reduction reactions

> Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same

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