An articulated action figure, in conjunction with a battery pack, is adapted for providing power to electrical accessories that may be removably attached to the figure. The battery pack, fashioned as an appropriately scaled accessory, provides for removable, electrically conductive attachment to a cooperating receiving area of the action figure. The action figure conducts current internally from the battery pack receiving area to conductive surfaces disposed on specific areas of the figure, such as extremities, fashioned for removable retention of accessories. Advantageously, the present invention provides a means of conducting current through the figure at its points of articulation without requiring flexing of conductors. Suitably fashioned electrical accessories, such as simulated laser guns, removably retained by the figure at the aforesaid specific areas, may be provided electrical power through cooperating points in electrical contact with the conductive surfaces of the figure. Embodiments provide for control or modulation of the current supplied from the battery pack through the figure to accessories.


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