Methods and apparatus are provided for secure communication techniques in a communication system. The system can include a first device which communicates with a second device over a channel. A security association can be established during a first session between the devices via an asymmetric key exchange. The security association comprises a Traffic Encryption Key (TEK) and a first state vector. The TEK comprises a shared, secret symmetric key. The security association is stored in each of the devices for use during a second session between the devices to expedite security association establishment during call set-up of the second session. The security association can be associated with the second device in the first device, and with the first device in the second device. An updated state vector can be generated at the first device. A second session can be established between the first device and the second device by using the TEKs from the first session and the updated state vector. The security association can be used to encrypt voice packets being sent from the first device to the second device. The security association and updated state vector can then be used to decrypt the encrypted voice packets received by the second device from the first device.


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