The present invention discloses a high voltage switching module having reduced stress at its driver output stage which in turn controls the gate of a transistor requiring a high current drive. The switching module includes a negative elevating circuit, a delay module, a pull-up circuit, and a pull down circuit. The negative elevating circuit senses a transition of a logic input signal to generate a control signal. The first pull-up circuit is operatively coupled to this control signal for switching the driver output from a negative voltage to a ground voltage. There is an additional delay module which is configured to provide a delay in the logic input signal. This delayed logic input signal is operatively coupled to the second pull-up stage which takes the output of the driver from GND to VDD. The pull-down circuit is operatively coupled to the negative elevator for controlling a voltage at the driver output to the negative level. The module further comprises a switching circuit that is operatively coupled to the driver output for controlling the passing of a high voltage with high current requirements.


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