Communication system bandwidth reservation management techniques are disclosed. If actual usage of a reserved amount of bandwidth in a communication system reflects a reduced usage state, a determination is made as to whether the reserved amount of bandwidth is to be adjusted. A portion of the bandwidth that has been reserved for a Video-on-Demand session, for example, may be released when playback of a video is paused. A time-based series of reduced usage states may be defined such that reserved bandwidth is gradually released if the reserved bandwidth is not actually used for a period of time. Embodiments of the invention may be implemented in various forms of apparatus, methods, data structures, and Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs).


< Traffic generator and monitor

< Switching apparatus having universal transport of data packet frames

> Digital generator and digital receiver for FDM signals

> System and method for automatic tuning of chromatic dispersion compensation for a WDM transmission system using raman distributed co-pumping

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