Disclosed herein are various compositions, including a transparent compositions with maximum haze of 50%, comprising (including): a first polymer component (FPC) that includes polypropylene having a melting point (Tm) .gtoreq.110.degree. C.; a second polymer component (SPC) that includes a propylene polymer having 60 wt % or more units derived from propylene, including isotactically arranged propylene derived sequences and Tm<105.degree. C. or a Heat of Fusion<45 J/g, or both; and a hydrocarbon resin having a Tg.gtoreq.20.degree. C.; wherein: the SPC is present in the amount of .gtoreq.10 wt % and .ltoreq.70 wt % based on the total weight of a), b) and c) and the composition has: Haze value of .ltoreq.50 percent; and Shore A Hardness of 90 or below.

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